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Around the Net: Top Ten Marketing Ideas for 2008, Advertising During Recession

Posted on | December 20, 2007 | 3 Comments

Here is a list of Top 10 Ideas for marketers to consider, from Chief Marketer (plus one from me).

1. Green Marketing – no longer a luxury fad (don’t tell my Berkeley neighbors), sustainability will become a necessary part of a company’s persona.

2. Technology brings new life to Outdoor – Mini-Cooper tested RFID activated billboards, a customized approach that linked “old” (outdoor) with “new” (online), transforming an integrated media platform into a cult-building club. Other out-of-home includes the rise of narrowcasting videonetworks, seen everwhere from pumping iron to pumping gas.

3. Game Advertising – Online and Videogames are pervasive, creating lots of opportunitites for marketers to connect. Diane Mermigas writes in MediaPost; The market for networked, online, mobile and other enterprising new gaming platforms will be explosive in 2008. While it hinges on new digital interactive technology, gaming is rooted in old-fashioned creativity. The economics of creating and monetizing games now rivals that of many traditional media businesses such as television and film.

4. Mobile Marketing – can deliver highly personalized, and useful information when and where needed. As long as marketers don’t spam, mobile marketing may be the missing link in personalized communications.

5. Social NetworksWise marketers will capitalize on the growing appeal of social networks. Besides the Goliaths MySpace and Facebook, social networks exist in niches from teens (Pizco and Tagged) to seniors (Eons)… However, social networks should be handled with care, backlash can be painful so respect the people you’re marketing to. Sean Carton writes in Social Network Marketing: Know What You’re Getting Into “[these] networks are communities, and communities have certain expectations about their members’ behavior, not the least of which is that those members actually exist and aren’t trying to make a buck off their friendships.”

6. Widgets widgets everywhere! – once the domain of garage programmers, widgets are quickly becoming a delivery mechanism of choice for marketers vying for hard to reach places like MySpace, Facebook pages, blogs, desktops and mobile phones. Read more commentary on widget marketing in Widgets Go Mainstream.

7. Video = TV 3.0; video is an enormous opportunity to engage, educate and entertain, the three new “Es” of successful marketing. Read more in Is Video the New TV, here on our blog.

8. Behavioral TargetingMarketers will add behavioral targeting to contextual “search” efforts. Lynn Russo Whylly adds the 10 Things You Need To Know About Behavioral Targeting in another article today.

9. Experiential MarketingOnce upon a time, events and online initiatives were treated as “below the line” after-thoughts. Increasingly marketers realize that interactive brand experiences can be far more effective than advertising and should be the starting point of a customer conversation.

10. Marketing as Service – which really amounts to taking CRM to whole new levels and meaning it. Marketers who continually support their customers through the course of life, providing value in each communication, will score big in 2008. The value exchange can take many forms, but only if the marketer understands the needs and aspirations of its target and commits to a genuine dialogue at every point of contact.

11. Distributed Mediasize does not matter, not in media anymore. A stellar example of the success of a distributed media network is Glam Media.

Advertising During Recession

But hang on. Despite all the great new medium to spend your marketing budgets on, analysts warn its going to be a bumpy ride. Here in an article from both AdLab and FutureLab are some of the less rosy prospects for the year to come.

“Widespread expectations of a recession could be self-fulfilling because of how financial markets and mainstream America are interconnected. If investors are sufficiently convinced a recession is ahead, they would be reluctant to lend money to businesses that want to expand, making it so.”


3 Responses to “Around the Net: Top Ten Marketing Ideas for 2008, Advertising During Recession”

  1. Kenji Summers
    May 13th, 2008 @ 6:54 am

    Very good read. I will incorporate some of these concepts into my upcoming projects.

  2. allen
    June 26th, 2008 @ 2:50 pm

    great info, thanks for the post. The problem I am having though, is my site is free the user. How does one market his on a low budget?

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