Flip-It – Girls React to Bad Ads

Thank you Holly! for bringing these video’s to our attention – they are poignant testimonials to how many advertisers are not connecting with their young female audiences. Holly Buchanen writes on her blog – Marketing to Women Online – about Flip-it: Flip It is the brain child of Heidi Dangelmaier and the team at 3iying. […]

Gen Y Leads Us to Rethink Female-Targeted Marketing Strategies

I recently spoke with Gen Y expert Barbara Bylenga of Outlaw Consulting about her research related to the women born between 1979 and 1997 (currently ages 10 through 28). For perspective, Gen Y is the largest – and in the years to come – the most powerful segment of our population at 80 million strong. […]

Responsible Advertising

A colleague just forwarded an article that outlines the “atrocities” of Unilever’s advertising campaign hypocrisy. As the account lead for the Midwest brands, I admit my bias in Unilever’s favor so take my opinion with that knowledge. Watch the spot:  Dove Onslaught Critics are ranting about a video ad for Dove’s campaign for real beauty […]

Black Friday Wrap-Up – Cyber Monday Hopes and Dreams

Recessions smeshion – shoppers were out throwing their plastic around online and off on Friday and over the weekend adding 22% to last year’s figures. I predict online is going to do even better. Really, what busy woman wants to go to circle the mall parking lot when she could be home (or more likely […]

Marketing to Women – Like Your Audience

“The consumer isn’t a moron, she’s your wife.” (David Ogilvy) More than 70% of moms believe that marketers aren’t speaking to their needs. Remember that quote about not knowing which part of your marketing dollars ‘don’t work’? Well, I’d venture a guess that it’s the part that doesn’t speak to your audience. Further, as a […]

Fish Where the Fish Are

It is true today that a great deal of the content we all consume comes to us and not the other way around. With the rapid growth of social media, widgets and other types of content sharing comunitites and tools, its getting harder and harder to drive traffic to branded sites, and this includes the […]

Eye Tracking Rules

For all of you who have had your fill of holiday turkey and are back to pondering the optimization of your online presence, I discovered a mention on Seth Godin’s blog of this summary of take-aways from Eye Tracking research written by Christina Laun. I love good how-to’s to pick and choose from in optimizing […]

Declare War on Time-Based Marketing Costs

It had to happen. The industry consultant that helps marketers on agency fees is now going to complain about agency fees. The industry is mired now in complicated process, adding cost, time and complexity, and making it more difficult for marketers and agencies to build profitable relationships. What sorry road did we all walk down […]

Wish I had said it too…

Ok, I just had to LOL when I saw this from a few days ago, posted by Alison Byrne Fields in her We’ll Know When We Get There blog. Alison credits “the greats minds at threebillion” for the original post, so here goes.

Here come the Hordes – Ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

  Thanksgiving. It’s a time to appreciate each other and all of the blessings the year has brought. The very next day, it’s the time for retailers to remind everyone what they don’t have and that the holiday shopping period is right around the corner! The season begins with the famed retail holiday “Black Friday” […]

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